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More - Rogers Farm

The University of Maine Rogers Farm is located approximately 5 miles from campus in the city of Old Town. The 100 acre farm was purchased by the University in the spring of 1947 and includes approximately 60 cleared acres and 40 forested acres. Thirty acres are currently in permanent pasture/forage production.

During the 1970’s work at the Rogers Farm was predominantly focused on forage production and quality research, with the notable exception of the pioneering work on the effects of organic production practices on vegetable quality conducted by the late Dr. Franklin Eggert, professor of horticulture.

In the 1980s, the research programs of the first faculty in the Sustainable Agriculture Program placed considerable demands on the arable portions of the farm and the limited infrastructure. Starting at that time, and continuing to date, a considerable number of building projects and equipment purchases have been initiated to keep up with this increased demand and more varied use of the farm.

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