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Employment Opportunities

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Farm and Food Jobs




Recent summer employment of SAG students:

  • Integrated pest management scout
  • Self employed organic market gardener
  • Field crew member for organic market garden
  • Farm crew for commercial dairy farm
  • Farm crew member for an organic dairy farm
  • Research field assistants

Employment of recent SAG graduates:

  • Self employed farmers
  • Research Technician
  • Peace Corp and Americorp volunteers
  • Farm manager for Massachusetts Audubon Society
  • Manager for a milking sheep flock .
  • Manager for large commercial greenhouse.
  • Hydroponic plant producers.
  • Plant therapist with handicapped people
  • Internship, The New York Botanical Garden
  • Graduate study

For a current listing of positions of interest to SAG graduates see:

National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture

Man kneeling in nearly mature barley experimental plot.